Onyx-Electrical can provide a variety of preventative maintenance solutions to ensure you're getting the most out of your building's equipment. Whether you're trying to satisfy insurance requests, health and safety concerns or asset lifespan, or if you're simply being proactive about your equipment maintenance, Onyx-Electrical has the team to help. Our electricians have a wide array of experience with equipment in manufacturing facilities, warehousing and distribution, office buildings, shopping malls and retail, grocery supply chain, and high-rise residential.

Preventative Maintenance services include:

  • Thermographic Scanning
  • Shut-down Clean & Tighten
  • ESA Code & Compliance Review
  • Equipment Audits & Inventories
  • MCC Maintenance
  • ATS Maintenance
  • UPS Maintenance
  • VFD Maintenance

Partner with Onyx-Electrical today for a strong and effective preventative maintenance plan.